Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Alo amar Alo ogo......

Light, my light, the world-filling light,
The eye-kissing light, heart-sweetening light!
Ah, the light dances, my darling, at the centre of my life;
The light strikes, my darling, the chords of my love;
The sky opens, the wind runs wild, and laughter passes over the earth.
The butterflies spread their sails on the sea of light.
Lilies and jasmines surge up on the crest of the waves of light.
The light is shattered into gold on every cloud, my darling, and it scatters gems in profusion.
Mirth spreads from leaf to leaf, my darling, and gladness without measure.
The heaven's river has drowned its banks and the flood of joy is abroad.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Get Free SMS Alerts for New and Important Emails on Gmail with Google Docs

1. Setting up Google Calendar to make SMS as default reminder channel

  • Configuring Google Calendar for Phone Notification

1. Log in to Google Calendar
2. Click on the Gears icon on the top right and select settings. setup for mobile alerts in Google Calendar
3. Now click on the Mobile Setup tab.
4. Select Country, enter your Phone number and now click Send Verification Code. Now enter the code you got on your mobile and verify your number. If you don’t receive the code check if your carriers fall under supported mobile providers. configur phone notification in Google Calendar

5. Now in Notifications select SMS as your default notification channel and save it. select SMS notification as default in Google Calendar
Now you are done with the Google Calendar configuration part. All that is left is to copy the Google Docs provided below and set the polling frequencies.


2. Creating filter condition and linking to Label in Gmail

  • Login to Gmail.
  • Click on the Gears icon on the top right and select Settings.
  • Go to Labels tab.
  • Scroll down and click Create new label.
  • Give label name as sendsms and click create. Now label creation is done.
  • Now click on filter tab.
  • Click Create a new filter.
  • If you want SMS alerts only for emails from some important person such as your boss. Set the filter condition using ‘from’ field. Gmail filter condition for receiving SMS alerts If you want SMS alerts for all incoming emails. Set the ‘Has the words’ field with is:inbox Get SMS alerts on receiving new email in Gmail
  • Click Create filter with this search.
  • Now check Apply the label and select sendsms from the drop down. Finally click create filter.
  • free sms alerts on receiving email on Gmail

3. Configuring Google Docs To Poll for New Incoming Emails

1. Login to Google Docs.
2. Click here to make copy of the spreadsheet. Click Yes, make a copy.
3. Now select Tools-> Script Editor. Then Resources-> Current script’s triggers.
4. Select click here to add one. Under events select Time-Driven then minutes timer and every minute and save it.
5. Click Authorize and then grant access. Now click close and save the trigger again. That’s it.

So, now on Google Docs will be polling your Gmail Account every minute for new incoming messages through the label you have created and will send a free SMS alerts as and when they arrive.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

সহজেই যে কোন ফাইল খুজে বের করুন গুগল থেকে!!

সালাম নিবেন আশাকরি সকলে ভালো আছেন। আমাদের বিভিন্ন প্রয়োজনে বিভিন্ন জিনিষ যেমন- মিউজিক, ভিডিও সফটওয়ার ইত্যাদির প্রয়োজন হয়। এখন যেটি আপনার প্রয়োজন সেটি যদি আপনার কম্পিউটারের হার্ডডিস্কে না থাকে বা কোন নিকট বন্ধুর কাছেও যদি না পান তাহলে? হ্যা এখন উপায় শুধু গুগল। আর আমরা সবাই জানি যে গুগল থেকে ফাইল খুজে বের করার চেয়ে চীনে গিয়ে কিনে নিয়ে আসা খুব সহজ। তাই আর যেন আপনাকে চীনে না যেতে হয় তাই একটা টিপস শেয়ার করব আপনাদের সাথে। যার মাধ্যমে আপনি সকল ফাইল এক ক্লিকে পেয়ে যাবেন  গুগল থেকে। তাহলে আসুন দেখা যাক।
প্রথমে এই কোড টি কপি করুন।
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” ফাইলের ফরম্যাট “নাম”
1. -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “It’s my Life”
2. -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” exe “kmplayer”

Original reference:  (পোষ্টটি লিখেছেন: সিহাব সুমন)